Services price list

Personal fitness trainer Štěpán Vaňous

First consultationFREE
Training - 1 person600,- CZK per hour
10 Trainings 5600,- (560,- CZK per hour)
20 Trainings 10600,- (530,- CZK per hour)
40 Trainings 20000,- (500,- CZK per hour)

Sparing partner

Fitness400,- CZK per hour
Run300,- CZK per hour
Swimming300,- CZK per hour

Other services

Create the training plan1000,-
Create nutrition plan2000,-
Training and nutrition plan2500,-

After contacting me, we can also meet at your local fitness.

Important informations

- The prices does not include entrance fee in the fitness
- One lesson lasts 60 minutes
- You can cancel the training 24 hours before it starts. If you don't, the lesson goes off.
- The price list is valid since 2.10.2018


Preparation for:
  • extreme races
  • bikini fitness
  • classic races

  • weight reduction
  • getting in the shape
  • improving physical condition
  • growing the muscle mass
  • BOSU ® exercises
  • health exercises
  • circuit training
  • correct body holding
  • TRX
  • exercises with elderly
  • training plans
  • diet plans
  • nutrition supplies




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