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Štěpán Vaňous - Personal fitness trainer, nutrition consultant

I was born in Prague in 19th of May, 1988. I have been studying sports elementary school focused on basketball, which I've been doing for 11 years. I finished my matura exams on high engineering school and my stuides continued on Charles University - pedagocical faculty, specialization in physical training and sports. Now I'm working in fitness area as personal fitness trainer for 7 years.

Certificates owned: personal fitness trainer, nutrition consultant, snowboarding instructor, swimming instructor and more.

Hobbies: fitness, basketball, snowboarding, swimming, tenis, run, volleyball, softball, floorball

Můj goal is to reach your dreams.

Activities I like to do

Spartan Race Beast - 16.8.2014 - Klínovec

Spartan Race Super - 21.6.2014 - Klínovec

Spartan Race - Sprint - 31.5.2014 - Liberec

Spartan race - hurdle race

Touristics, climbing

Snowboarding, snowboarding instruction

Paddling - floating a river



Preparation for:
  • extreme races
  • bikini fitness
  • classic races

  • weight reduction
  • getting in the shape
  • improving physical condition
  • growing the muscle mass
  • BOSU ® exercises
  • health exercises
  • circuit training
  • correct body holding
  • TRX
  • exercises with elderly
  • training plans
  • diet plans
  • nutrition supplies




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